Who can benefit from DBT?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, DBT Therapy may be right for you.

  • Do you have difficulties controlling your emotions and calming down?
  • Do you often hide your emotions?
  • Do you find yourself getting upset over little things?
  • Do you cry easily and often do not know why?
  • Are relationships and trusting others a challenge for you?
  • Do you have challenges with food?
  • Do you cut yourself?
  • Are you thinking of suicide?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?

What is DBT?

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) is a broad based cognitive behavioral therapy developed by Marsha Linehan, PhD. DBT combines cognitive behavioral therapy with principles from eastern traditions like meditation and mindfulness. The cognitive behavioral therapy works on changing emotions, thoughts and behaviors. The eastern traditions focus on acceptance of emotions, thoughts and behavior. DBT balances empathy and warm acceptance with a focus on behavior change. This is done through a strong client-therapist relationship and skills training. The DBT method is successful in working with clients with many different challenges as well as Borderline Personality Disorder. For further information on research for this evidence-based therapy, please see Marsha Linehan’s web site.

What are the DBT skill modules?

Clients will learn how to create a life worth living through acceptance and skills training. The acceptance of self and emotions is learned through the use of mindfulness and being in the moment. This is joined with a new life perspective that comes through the mastery of these four skill sets:
  1. Core Mindfulness--This skill teaches clients how to live in the moment--being aware of your senses and your body.
  2. Emotion Regulation--This skill teaches the acceptance of emotion while also learning to decrease emotional vulnerability and increase positive emotions.
  3. Distress Tolerance--This unit teaches how to tolerate and survive a crisis, and to accept life in the moment.
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness--This skill teaches how to be more assertive, ask for what you need, be able to say no and to effectively manage conflict in relationships.
Each module is 8 class sessions, held weekly for 2 hours each session.

How does Harmony DBT Work?

Harmony DBT Center utilizes the DBT concepts of skill training, harm reduction, relapse prevention and education. Harmony DBT provides unique opportunities for clients to learn about their illness or challenges and to take responsibility for their treatment. We believe each treatment approach must be tailored to the individual. Harmony DBT offers:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group skills
  • Family therapy
  • Telephone contact/consultation

How do I sign up or get information?

The first step is to call 314-805-9796 or email at info@harmonydbt.com.
Please do not hesitate to call with questions or to set an appointment.

We would love to hear from you!

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