With 12 years experience as a licensed professional counselor, Cathy has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, community mental health and hospital-based programs. Her experience extends from individual therapy to the facilitation of groups.
Cathy offers particular expertise in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and anger issues. She works from a
mindfulness-based cognitive therapy approach that complements her training in the Dialectic Behavior Therapy model.

       I have long been interested in the concept of mindfulness and self-compassion—both in my personal life and in my practice. The mindfulness skills provide an opening to self-acceptance and reduction of judgments. Although this begins a different journey for most clients, I believe greater self-compassion allows clients to use new behavior skills in order to make changes in their lives.
DBT allows me to bring these values into each session along with humor and understanding.
I enjoy knowing that clients are doing the
best they can!”

Wisemind Parenting Group

Parenting with DBT Skills
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Core Mindfulness Skills Class

8 Week Journey
Learning Mindfulness Skill
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